Inconsistent, cumbersome and slow. These are just some of the words we regularly hear when discussing business processes and workflows with clients. So why are many businesses still using spreadsheets or physical paperwork to manage their processes?

A poorly managed business process can have many negative impacts on your business including revenue and time, both of which can affect the growth of your business. Employees can become increasingly frustrated when a process becomes too labour intensive for little reward, impacting employee morale. Other risks include the lack of governance which can lead to colleagues not following a process correctly, and the lack of technology investment from a business.

Many businesses are unaware that included in their Office 365 subscription there are tools to help alleviate many of the employee frustrations mentioned above and can help improve time management whilst saving on costs. Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow have been developed to take previously labour-intensive processes and turn them into more automated workflows that can allow a business to become more streamlined and efficient.

Microsoft PowerApps

Every business operates at least one process that they wish was digital. Whether that be for expenses or leave requests, but a regular issue that we come across is that many ‘off the shelf’ solutions don’t fit with their requirements.

Microsoft PowerApps was developed to allow businesses to create their own app solution that can work with their business. You have the power to sync up processes that once would have been manually updated. Your app can integrate with data that you may already have in SharePoint, SQL and Dynamics or can be a standalone application.  

Microsoft Flow

We come across many businesses who still use paper-based processes to start an order process or a create a new product. Fundamentally, the processes do work but they are slow and are prone to errors – let’s be honest, it’s very easy to misplace or avoid a step with a piece of paper – and are not fit for purpose is 2019. But with Microsoft Flow, the number of errors can be significantly reduced.

The building of a new automated process has never been so easy and can be built to suit your business requirements. You’re able to create a flow that adheres to a strict order of steps, individuals or teams can have multiple alerts notifying them when they are to complete their part of the process, allowing complete visibility of a projects status.

Streamlining has never been so important to businesses. It can save both time & money, but more importantly, it can demonstrate how technologically advanced you are against your competitors. By having better processes and automation, you’re able to speed up the development of your product(s), have them shipped to customers quicker and build a happier and more productive workforce. All of these combined will help lead you to a more successful business.

Valto have been at the forefront of helping businesses improve their processes and workflows by building PowerApps and automated Microsoft Flow solutions. All of which have led to more streamlined organisations.

As you’ll know, SharePoint is an incredibly powerful and flexible application. In order to achieve the solutions that your customer needs, you need to have the right expertise and skills in-house, and sometimes that may not be possible. So, why should you look to partner with a SharePoint Specialist

Do you know your ‘Central Administration Site’ from your ‘Members Group’?


Every MSP fundamentally specialises in a specific service(s) and can’t be expected to know everything. So when a SharePoint opportunity is presented, it’s important that you’re able to understand the requirements and provide a solution that fits. You can’t do this if you don’t have the SharePoint knowledge. By working with a SharePoint specialist, this knowledge gap can be filled and business can be won.

Opening up new opportunities

As managed service providers, we’re always seeking new in-house expertise so that we can unlock new opportunities. But that is easier said than done. To acquire a new expertise, you need to identify the right person(s) that you feel could have the pre-requisite skills, allow them to train and sit exams, and then finally identify your new business proposition. All of this can take months.

Partnering with a SharePoint specialist, whether through a white-label or an official partnership, will enable you to market your partners propositions and services to your customers, showcase the services you can now offer, which will ultimately give you a leading edge in the market.

Additional Revenues

There’s nothing worse than having to let an opportunity pass you by because you don’t have the required knowledge. SharePoint is becoming increasingly popular with businesses – 2018 saw a 19% world-wide rise in the use of SharePoint Online – so can you afford to keep letting the opportunities slip away?

Working with a partner does not mean that you’ll lose out on any potential revenue streams, it’s very much to the contrary. With a partnership agreement in place, not only can you meet the needs and satisfy a customer – be it existing or new – but you could receive a percentage of the invoiced cost, for effectively minimal labour.

You can’t afford to get it wrong

Like many other IT services, you can’t afford to get SharePoint wrong. The development of a new site requires a well thought-out plan, even before a single file is uploaded. A process needs to be gone through, which identifies how a new SharePoint site needs to be set up, its navigation, structure, security groups and external sharing. Even ignoring one step of this process can lead a project to fail and risks damaging the reputation of your business. By working with a SharePoint specialist, they can work with your customer to ensure that a site is built using the right tools and processes, whilst maintaining your reputation with the customer.

The team at Valto have years of experience with SharePoint and have worked on hundreds of projects, every one of them unique. They understand the processes that need to be followed, the terminology and all the best practices.

Valto have been working with partners for multiple years and have helped them win new opportunities and customers which might have been previously lost, due to the lack of SharePoint expertise.

If you’re interested in partnering with Valto contact us.

Dougie Wood our Lead Cloud Developer has passed the newly issued MS-100 exam. Candidates for this exam are Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators who take part in evaluating, planning, migrating, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 services. They perform Microsoft 365 tenant management tasks for an enterprise, including its identities, security, compliance, and supporting technologies. Dougie has worked exceptionally hard studying to pass this exam and highlights his capabilities in Microsoft 365 Technologies including Conditional Access, Azure AD and Exchange Online.

MS-100 Certification Badge

The exam builds

More details on the exam can be found here.