Celebrating Company Culture

At Valto, fostering a vibrant and inclusive company culture is at the heart of our vision.

Last week, we had the opportunity to strengthen our relationships and align our goals through two fantastic events—a company-wide BBQ and a Strategy Day.

We are a hybrid workplace, with employees based all over the UK, so it was nice to get all of our Modern Workplace, Business Applications, and Microsoft Consultant teams all together in Chester for a few days.

These occasions not only showcased our commitment to a thriving workplace but also provided valuable insights from our employees and created discussions on crucial topics.

Company Awards

The Company Awards were a momentous occasion where we acknowledged and celebrated the outstanding achievements and hard work of our team members.

It was an opportunity to recognise their dedication, innovation, and remarkable efforts in various aspects of our business.

valto employee with award
valto employee with awards and trophy
valto employee with trophy

Company BBQ

This years company BBQ was hosted at Oddfellows in Chester. We had a brilliant time, and this gathering allowed us to unwind, connect, and celebrate as a unified team.

We look forward to more memorable events like this, where we can come together and continue building a thriving and inclusive workplace environment at Valto.

valto bbq
company bbq

Watch our YouTube Short of the event below!

valto strategy day youtube short

Engaging with the Community

During our Strategy Day, we were honored to host representatives from our chosen Charity of the Year, WeMindTheGap.

Their inspiring talk shed light on the incredible work they do within our community, empowering and supporting young people.

By engaging with such initiatives, we reaffirm our dedication to making a positive impact beyond our organisation’s walls.

Read more about the work they do here.

Exploring Exciting Technology

One of the highlights of our Strategy Day was the talk presented by Richard from Microsoft, who enlightened us about the transformative potential of the Power Platform and Dynamics.

We delved into the exhilarating future of artificial intelligence within the MS365 platform, gaining valuable insights that will shape our technological endeavors.

This collaboration reinforces our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

Microsoft talk for valto strategy day

Prioritising Health and Wellbeing

We believe that a healthy and happy workforce is the backbone of any successful organisation.

To further emphasise this, we invited Sam, an expert in health and wellbeing, to share his expertise with us.

He introduced us to his five steps to better health—drink more water, get enough sleep, eat more 1 ingredient foods, consume adequate protein, and incorporate regular physical activity.

By encouraging these small and manageable but impactful changes, we aim to support the overall wellbeing of our team members.

health and wellbeing for company culture talk