Digital Transformation for Non-Profits with Microsoft 365

We recently teamed up with a local charity facilitator called Cheshire West Voluntary Action to deliver a webinar entitled Digital Transformation for Non-Profits with Microsoft 365.

Valto work very closely with charitable organizations within our community to ensure they are getting the most value from Microsoft 365. However, the advice given during this webinar applies to all Non-Profits of all different shapes and sizes planning on using Microsoft 365.

Webinar: Digital Transformation for Non-Profits with Microsoft 365

We recently ran a 30-minute webinar to discuss the points of this article to help charitable and non-profit organisations understanding the power of Microsoft 365. Everything shown in this webinar is completely free to non-profit organisations.

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 Agenda: Digital Transformation for Non-Profits with Microsoft 365

The webinar gives an excellent overview of the free products that available to you as a non-profit within Microsoft 365. Please click on the names of the products below to short-cut to the relevant section of the webinar including:

  • Microsoft Teams – Discover the benefits of Teams delivering collaboration within your departments and projects with instant messaging, virtual meetings, and embedded apps.
  • OneDrive & SharePoint – See how you can access your files anywhere on any device without having to use a VPN.
  • Microsoft Forms – Replace costly third-party products such as Survey Monkey with this free tool. Allowing you to create both internal and external sharable forms, surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires.
  • Planner and ToDo – Apply an Agile project plan to your projects with Planner. Creating a drag and drop style task board that is very similar to Trello. Then allow your colleagues to connect to this plan via ToDo app to plan out their working day.
  • Lists – Replace old and unusable spreadsheets with Microsoft Lists. Make a centralised area to access useful data such as contacts, new starter processes, store data from digital forms.
  • Microsoft Bookings – Streamline how internal and external people can schedule and manage appointments via an online portal interface.
  • Power Apps – See some real-world examples of mobile friendly applications that can digitally transform your organization including:
    • o Visitor Registration – This app will replace the need for face-to-face receptionists by providing a tablet/iPad application that will sign in visitors and alert the staff member they are here to see.
    • o Check In/Out – This is a mobile friendly app to allow staff to check in and out of a location. The app can store data such as the date, time, and location of the check in.
    • o Inspection Form – If you require a process to regularly check your equipment, machinery, vehicles for defects then raise alerts and follow up tasks to resolve issues. However, this can be adapted for many different scenarios to digitally transform any legacy form-based system.
    • o Donation Form – It can often be vital to a charitable organisation to capture the amount donated and donors contact information. This PowerApp will provide exactly that. The safely and securely store this data for future processing.

If you are interested in Microsoft PowerApps then please download our FREE PowerApp white paper.