Valto Acquires Clear Cloud Services

kelvin and hugh shaking hands, valto acquires clear cloud services

We are thrilled to announce that Valto has acquired Clear Cloud Services as of this month.

This acquisition brings a host of benefits to our existing customers, as well as new opportunities for growth and innovation.

One of the primary benefits of acquiring Clear Cloud Services is the increased expertise that comes with it. The existing team members of Clear Cloud Services have joined Valto as full-time employees and will continue to work closely with clear cloud customers in the short term.

By combining our operations with Clear Cloud Services, we have gained a competitive advantage and expanded our talent pool.

As Microsoft Gold/Solution Partners, we specialize in Microsoft technology including Azure, SharePoint, and Power Platform, and take pride in our teams’ expertise. We are still small enough to care, with around 45 members of staff and a commitment to putting our customers first.

Benefits to our customers

One of the key benefits of this acquisition is the expansion of our support team. With a larger support team, we can handle and escalate tickets quicker, meaning our customers will experience faster response times and resolutions.

Another benefit of acquiring Clear Cloud Services is the expansion of our consultancy team. We now have a greater range of skills and knowledge within our consultancy team, enabling us to offer more specialised services to our customers.

Our customers will benefit from the expertise of acquired clear cloud services consultants who specialise in different areas of Microsoft technology.

Furthermore, this acquisition means that we now have non-profit specialists within our team at Valto. Clear Cloud Services have had a lot of experience working with non-profits and the charity sector.

We are passionate about supporting non-profit organizations and helping them to achieve their goals.

By having experts in this area on our team, we can offer tailored solutions and advice to our non-profit customers, enabling them to make the most of their Microsoft technology.

About Kelvin Wright – Former Managing Director of Clear Cloud Services

Kelvin started his IT career over a two decades ago but it was not until he saw the benefits and cost savings that the Microsoft cloud offered to businesses, charities and educators across the UK that he started down the Microsoft cloud road in earnest. He has felt for a long time that the charity sector in particular can reap such tremendous benefits from the cloud that it felt right to join with a leading Microsoft Gold and Solutions partner to help in developing this further – the relationship with Valto was born out of this.

“The culture at Valto whereby their inherit honesty and integrity that sits behind every recommendation they make sits very well with me on a personal level – I can only see positives from this exciting new adventure!” – Kelvin Wright, Former Managing Director of Clear Cloud Services

kelvin wright clear cloud services

We look forward to working with Clear Cloud Services customers in the near future, and continue to expand our high-quality services that you have come to expect.

“Valto are excited to have acquired Clear Cloud Services, which brings a wealth of expertise, talent, and support capacity to our team. This acquisition allows us to expand our services and offer a full 360-degree service for all Microsoft tools and products, while also allowing us to strategically grow even further into the non-profit sector.”Hugh Valentine, CEO of Valto