Valto’s Brand Refresh: A New Look and Identity 

Valto has just launched its rebranding initiative, and we’re super excited to show off our fresh new look! In this post, we’ll break down all the exciting changes we’ve made and why they’re so important for us and our customers. 

When a company refreshes its brand identity, it shows its commitment to staying current and professional. That’s exactly what we’ve done with our rebranding initiative.  

By updating our visual identity, we’re showing our dedication to providing the best possible services and improving our image and reputation.

Brand guidelines 

We’ve developed a new set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency in all our communications and give clear guidance on how to use our new brand identity effectively. This includes our company fonts, colours, tone of voice, logo, and much more!  

By establishing clear brand guidelines, we’re also showing our commitment to professionalism and attention to detail, which is a big deal in our book. 

New website 

Working with our Digital Media Partner we’ve built and launched a brand-new website that reflects our values and culture, making it more attractive and engaging to customers. The website is easy to navigate and contains FAQs, improved functionality, and faster load times. 

valto rebranded website

Document templates

As part of the rebranding effort, Valto has created new document templates for Word and PowerPoint. These templates feature the new brand identity and will help to ensure consistency across all of the company’s communications.

The new templates will also make it easier and faster for employees to create high-quality documents that represent our company’s brand effectively.

valto rebranded word documents

Email Signatures

We’ve updated our email signatures to include our new brand identity, making sure all our email communications are consistent and professional.

Branded Clothing

We’ve also created some slick branded clothing for our team, including hoodies, polos, and coats, to create a sense of unity and pride among our staff and promote our awesome culture.

valto branded staff clothing

Valto’s Recent Achievements

New Branded Office

We’ve moved to a new office space that’s completely branded to reflect our new visual identity. It’s got a fresh, modern feel and provides an inspiring and collaborative environment for our team.

Microsoft for Non-Profits Events

We recently organised and held several Microsoft Non-Profit events, which were a great success.

These events brought together non-profit organizations from across the UK, and provided valuable insights and information on how technology can help these organizations to achieve their goals.

We look forward to hosting more of these events in the future.

Microsoft non profit event

Acquisition of Clear Cloud Services

We’ve recently acquired Clear Cloud Services, a leading provider of IT services and solutions in the North West, strengthening our position as one of the UK’s top Microsoft Partners.

Read more about our recent acquisition here.

Valto Re-Awarded Prestigious Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialisation

We are excited to announce that Valto has been re-awarded the prestigious Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialisation.

This achievement demonstrates our continued commitment to providing top-notch services to our clients, as well as our expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Valto raises money for chosen charity: WeMindTheGap

We are thrilled to announce that we have raised £1,000 for the charity WeMindTheGap through our charity run at Delamere Forest. Thank you to everyone who supported us, and donated to this great cause.

wemindthegap charity run

Read more about our donation and WeMindTheGap charity here.

Plans for the new financial year

Microsoft Partner of the Year Nomination

We’re proud to have been nominated for Microsoft Partner of the Year for our great work with Chester Zoo. We’re committed to continuing our strong partnership with Microsoft and hope to win this prestigious award.

Read more about our work with Chester Zoo here.

Company BBQ

We’re also hosting an all-company summer BBQ, where our team can come together, have some fun, and celebrate our recent successes.

With all our 60 staff members based around the UK, it will be fantastic to get everyone together in one place. We can’t wait!

Join our team!

Lastly, Valto is still growing, and we currently have several job vacancies for developers, salespeople, and creatives.

If you’re interested in joining our team, head over to our careers page for more information and to apply, or email us at [email protected]

We’re excited about the future and look forward to providing our customers with even more exceptional service and solutions.