Women in Tech: Kerina Perhat

We’re thrilled to share our second blog in the “Women in Tech” series, where we shine a spotlight on remarkable women who work at Valto.

Kerina Perhat, a PMO Analyst at Valto, is an example of the evolving landscape of women in technology.

In this blog, we dive into her experiences, challenges, and achievements that are redefining the narrative for women in tech.

Starting a journey into tech

Kerina’s journey into the tech industry wasn’t exactly a calculated choice.

She didn’t initially set out with a specific desire to work in tech, and her entry into this field was more pragmatic.

Although, she quickly found that it’s such a dynamic field and the opportunities available were almost endless.

As an operational member of the team, Kerina shared that she has never really considered herself as a person in tech, but in reality, she is still required to have a certain level of tech knowledge to support her colleagues efficiently. This is something she feels that she has successfully picked up with time.

Kerina believes that there are lots of support roles within the tech industry that we should champion, that we don’t always think of straight away.

women in tech

What skills are essential for Women to thrive in Tech?

It is extremely important to build your voice and your confidence.

You don’t have to know everything, but if you have the communication skills and confidence in yourself, you can navigate both the positive and negative scenarios with more ease.

kerina perhat at computer

What is your approach to continuous learning?

Asking questions when seeing new language or if you are ever unsure of anything is extremely important.

Attending webinars for any areas of your career that you feel like you could improve is a great way to stay up to date and excel within your role.

It is also important to keep up to date with the company ventures and local partner companies.

What do you enjoy doing outside of Tech?

Kerina acknowledges the stereotype that someone is seen as ‘nerdy’ that often comes along with any career within the tech world, and would like to challenge this as she feels that herself and her colleagues do not fit this.

She enjoys travelling, and often goes on solo travelling trips. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her friends.

Advice to women aspiring to pursue a career in technology

Having a solid understanding of the possible routes any role that you’re interested in can take you, will allow you to make well informed career decisions.

Also, just send an email, ask the question! Contact your ideal workplace for their guidance on where you should start. You have nothing to lose!