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Out-of-the-Box, Advanced Branding & 3rd Party Offerings

In the previous post, we covered gathering requirements and planning for a Office365 & SharePoint Intranet solution. The next post in the series covers branding which is a very important consideration for any intranet. Branding gives companies the opportunity to display their look and feel along with any core values and messages to staff. There are also several options that can suit different requirements, business needs and budget. Below are some of the options available to you.

Office365 Branding

Within the Office 365 Administration Page we have some basic options that allow us to manipulate the top-level bar of Office365 to suit your colours and add a logo. An example the Valto Office365 Navigation can be seen below,

The options (Settings > Organization Profile > Manage custom themes for your organization > Edit) give the following options when changing the colour scheme.

SharePoint Branding

Using the Out-of-the-box branding options for SharePoint we can change the following,

  • Logo
  • Background Image
  • Fonts
  • Colour Schemes

Below is an example of a simple Out-of-the-box branding for SharePoint.

Using the OOTB “Pick a look” we can also select a number of pre-built options or modify one to suit your requirements.

SharePoint Advanced Branding

More advanced branding can be achieved by enabling the Publishing Feature within SharePoint which allows users to deploy their own custom master pages and CSS to completely alter the look and feel of SharePoint. One of the risks with this method would be if Office365 change any classes or functionality in future updates that could break your branding.

Publishing Sites / Master Pages and CSS

Valto Branding

Future Development Options

SharePoint Modern Team Sites

Microsoft are currently working on new features within the SharePoint Look & Feel that are providing much more advanced and modern features. They are work in progress but in the future may provide a strong and attractive offering for no additional fees. The new modern Team Sites include interaction with Yammer, Activity Feeds, PowerBI and more.

More options will be deployed in the future a big request at the moment is page layouts and the ability to have multiple columns for data. An example of the new modern team sites can be found below.

3rd Party Options

3rd Party offerings allow you to completely tailor the look and feel of your Office365 & SharePoint Intranet Site but these solutions are an additional cost from your Office365 Licensing which can incur additional monthly costs.


BindTuning have a unique offering providing fixed one off pricing for a multiple selection of themes and additional Web Parts that can be purchased on a Per User / Per Month cost basis. An example of a branding with BindTuning can be found below.

Live Tiles

LiveTiles is an Office365 solution that integrates with many of the Office365 tools including SharePoint, PowerBI, Yammer and more. LiveTiles is based on a per user / per month license cost.

Bespoke Branding

The final option is to have your branding built to specification by a SharePoint Branding specialist. Typically, you may have a design drawn up by your design agency with assistance from a SharePoint consultant to guide them on the core design principals. This bespoke branding package can adapted to a Office365 & SharePoint Intranet solution that can be deployed across your tenant.

Next Steps

If you’re looking to brand your Office365 & SharePoint Intranet and would like one of our experts to contact you please get in touch or leave a comment below.

The next post of our blog series will cover Applications and how to roll-out your Intranet to ensure adoption and getting the most out of your investment.

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