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Bromsgrove District Housing Trust Case Study

Project Type: Sharepoint

Sector: Housing

Our Customer

Bromsgrove District Housing Trust (BDHT) are the largest provider of affordable housing in Bromsgrove and the surrounding area. They are committed to maintaining the very best service for their communities. As a not-for-profit organisation, everything they do is about best serving their residents. They are committed to constantly adapting and improving their services to meet the needs of their tenants. BDHT are proud of their reputation as an excellent employer, with over 130 staff working together to provide fantastic housing services in the heart of Bromsgrove.

Their Challenges

The issues that BDHT were facing included running an extremely outdated version of SharePoint. This version of SharePoint had only one area for employees to upload key documents and files. This meant that it became increasingly difficult to keep track of documents, and it also became impossible to know which were the outdated versions, and which were up to date.


  • Using an outdated version of SharePoint
  • Difficulty keeping track of key policies and documents

Our Solution

Valto provided BDHT with a brand new and modern SharePoint, and a Controlled Documents system. This made it easier to keep track of all documents uploaded to their SharePoint. Valto also provided training for employees to ensure they were confident, and are able to get the most out of their new SharePoint system.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of Valto’s solution has been that BDHT now have a modern SharePoint site as well as a controlled documents area. This allows them to separate their policies, procedures and service standards in one area. It has also allowed them to have document version control and their employees have more confidence that what they are seeing are the latest documents. With the workflows that Valto created, it made updating key policies and documents easier and more efficient.

Quote From Customer

“We are extremely pleased with the solution Valto has provided. They replaced our outdated SharePoint system and have made it easier for our employees to find what they need, and keep all documents up to date and organised. Highly recommended.” – Robert Smith, IT Officer at BDHT

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