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Leave Request, Starter Leaver, Employee Directory and More!

Part of the roll-out for SharePoint and improving adoption would be to include applications that are applicable to the workforce. When Valto roll-out intranet solutions we typically include at least one application that applies to all intranet users to ensure they have a purpose for accessing the new intranet on a regular basis.

As well as giving your employees a reason to utilise your SharePoint intranet these applications can provide huge time savings and efficiencies guaranteeing your return on investment.

Some of the example applications that are relatively easy to roll-out and often a purpose in all organisations can be found below,


News areas are perfect to display for staff members especially on the homepage and within team areas. As part of the implementation of this solution processes should be put in place to ensure that content is being updated regularly. Examples of this would be as follows,

  • Company or CEO News area that is updated once a quarter.
  • Regular Team News that is updated once a month and rotated between each department.
  • Company announcements such as upcoming IT downtime or finance news.
  • Employee News such as promotions, charitable events, etc.

There are a number of ways to implement news within SharePoint which can be found below,

  • Announcements List
  • Blog Posts
  • Article Pages
  • Modern Team Sites News

One of the simplest solutions from the above selection is the Blog Posts as this allows you to create and edit news stories directly within Word which makes publishing stories much easier for staff members.

An example of a Modern News site can be found below,

Office365 & SharePoint Intranet News

Leave Request

Another easy to implement solution within SharePoint would be a Leave Request application that allows users to submit holiday, sickness and personal time off requests. Utilising a number of built in functionalities such as the user store containing user details and manager information, SharePoint lists and calendar functionality an effective easy to use Leave Request System can be deployed.

Office365 & SharePoint Intranet Leave Request

Office365 & SharePoint Intranet Leave Request Form

Starter / Leaver Form

A starter / leaver form system can be implemented that can fulfil several purposes for example,

  • Used internally prior to new starters joining to notify various departments utilising workflows, that a new starter will be joining and to prepare a Health and Safety Induction and inform IT to create the required users.
  • Upon starting the new starter can continue filling the form in to update information such as personal contact details, next of kin information, bank details etc. This form could also be updated on an ad hoc basis to inform people when these change.

Office365 & SharePoint Intranet New Starter Form

Employee Directory & Delve

Enhancing the in-built Delve functionality to provide a simple employee phone directory that shows a searchable page with key information such as,

  • Full Name
  • Department
  • Skills
  • Contact Information


If you already have an expense form this can be uploaded as a template within the SharePoint intranet and a workflow attached that automatically submits to that person’s manager.

If you don’t have an expense form something could easily be developed using any or a combination of the following tools,

  • Excel / Word Document
  • SharePoint List
  • Power Apps
  • SharePoint Workflows
  • Flow

Custom Forms and Automation

Many organisations have many different form requirements and capabilities using SharePoint and the built in alerts and workflows many applications can easily be converted to intelligent forms including the following,

  • Health and Safety Forms including Accident Reporting and Risk Management
  • ISO Processes
  • Policy and Procedures Management
  • Visitor Log Book
  • Project Management

Using SharePoint to replace traditional paper or word based forms can save vast amounts of time for staff members.

A good example of the time savings that can be made would be as follows. If you’re organisation has a paper based or word based Health and Safety Accident Reporting whenever an accident is reported someone has to transpose this information into a spreadsheet to provide reporting, to notify relevant people and departments that this accident has occurred would also involve manually informing them via email or calls.

By developing a SharePoint form users can submit accidents which will automatically notify the relevant people and update any required reporting perhaps in Excel or using PowerBI. Automating these steps often provides huge time savings to allow staff members to work on other more important tasks.

3rd Party Applications

There are many 3rd Party applications available within the SharePoint Store that can perform the same functionality as above. There are many good applications available however there are also many poor ones. When making any decisions about which applications to utilise ensure you’re checking the reviews and utilise the free trial to ensure the app fits your need.

Rolling Out

Valto help roll-out your SharePoint Intranet and applications by using our workshop process. Valto can help identify you staff member’s requirements and provide a road-map with recommended phases to deploy SharePoint including applications such as those covered in this blog post.

Read more about our SharePoint Services and see how we can help you successfully rollout your SharePoint project. Contact Us and one of our SharePoint specialists will be in touch to assist you further and answer any questions you have.

Next Steps

If you’re looking to brand your Office365 & SharePoint Intranet and would like one of our experts to contact you please get in touch or leave a comment below.

The next post of our blog series will cover Applications and how to roll-out your Intranet to ensure adoption and getting the most out of your investment.

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