is azure compliant with ISO27001

An essential part of the procurement and compliance process for both public sector bodies and larger enterprises is ensuring that software and services that they use meet any ISO requirements that they are subject to.   The question of “is Azure compliant with ISO 27001” is hugely important to businesses when selecting a vendor for cloud services.

As the world’s leading provider of both operating systems (Windows) and productivity software (Office 2016 & Office 365), Microsoft provides the software backbone of the majority of global businesses.

is azure compliant with ISO27001

The pace of change in larger businesses can be slower due to regulatory burdens including compliance with international Standards. The availability of certification of compliance with ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 for Azure is helpful in allowing businesses to manage their IT strategy and cloud migration and enable faster adoption of technologies.

Is Azure Compliant with ISO 27001

For the most part, businesses work with approved Microsoft Partners and Technology Specialists like Valto rather than Microsoft themselves.

This gives access to local experts who can provide a service that recognises the specific needs of an organisation rather than being subject to multiple relationships within Microsoft itself.

To facilitate the compliance process, Microsoft offers their Service Trust Initiative. Under this scheme, all software for business is assessed by independent third-party auditors to ensure that it meets both ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 standards for Information security.

As the UK adopts the GDPR in 2018, adherence to the standards laid out in the two ISO certifications is increasingly important. To help businesses meet their requirements, the auditors have published information on several pertinent areas including:

  • The Security Risk Management Programme run by Microsoft
  • The Protections that are in place for Personally Identifiable Information
  • A framework for developing compliant applications

Ensuring compliance with ISO standards is important – and increasingly with the introduction of the GDPR, businesses will need to be ever more vigilant about how and where their information is stored. Properly configured and managed, Azure is compliant with ISO 27001.

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