How to Test Apps using Test Studio in Microsoft PowerApps

Watch our short overview video to discover how Test Studio in Microsoft PowerApps automates quality management testing of your Canvas Power App. We offer a wide range of PowerApps Services with the UK’s leading PowerApps Developers and the best PowerApps Support.

Watch our demo of Test Studio in Microsoft PowerApps

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    What is Microsoft PowerApps Test Studio?

    Power Apps test studio is a great new feature inside of Microsoft Canvas Power Apps studio that will allow you to automate tests of your application.

    You can either write your own checks using the same low-code formulas that you have built your Canvas PowerApps or you can choose to record your screen.

    Once you have recorded your screen the PowerApps Test Studio will automatically turn this into expression for you.

    You can then choose to build up multiple test cases for different features and functionality within your app.

    So if you ever have an update to an existing feature you can run specific tests against that feature to see if any new bugs or issues have arisen.

    What does PowerApps Test Studio look like?

    As the PowerApps Test Studio is contained within the Canvas Power Apps designer it looks and feels exactly the same as building your application, as shown below.