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Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Securing your data and keeping your business safe!

Use Enterprise Mobility + Security in your organisation and ensure your protected from advanced threats to your data.

  • Licensing / CSP

    We’re experts in selecting the right license for your Business. We help you understand the most cost effective license with our free advice just fill in the contact form and someone will be in touch. We run regular events that will explain the differences between EMS E3, EMS E5, Azure AD Premium, Azure MFA & InTune.

  • Rights Management

    Azure Rights Management can completely lock down your files and protect your environment from employees or outside threats. Azure Rights Management will allow you to lock files down when emailing, saving in a file server, OneDrive or even SharePoint. Policies can be created to specify whether people can view only, edit, restrict printing, forwarding, etc. Azure Rights Management even gives you the capability to audit files and see who and where people are accessing them.

  • Azure AD Premium

    Office365 provides a centralised user & password store for all users. Azure AD Premium unlocks the full power of this and provides the ability for users to reset their own passwords and for other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc. This means users no longer have to manage multiple passwords and from a management perspective when users are disabled in 365 they also lose access to all of the other systems meaning there is much less chance of a disgruntled ex-employee causing damage.

  • Azure Multi Factor Authentication

    Office365 allows you to enable multi factor authentication out of the box for accessing any 365 apps including OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. Azure MFA allows you to extend this even further and put MFA between Remote Desktop Gateways, VPNs, Cisco environments and more. When users are accessing your data from an unknown device or location Azure MFA will ask them to confirm their identify using another device such as a Mobile Phone or Office Call.

  • Endpoint Protection, Mobile Device Management & InTune

    InTune allows you to fully protect your company data as people are trying to access it from a PC or mobile device. InTune allows you to create policies that lock down mobile devices or asks for additional security to be enabled such as encryption or pin codes. InTune can also be used to replace your existing AV solution using EMS and Windows Defender gives you a centralised management overview.

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