Skype for Business / Telephony

A versatile & mobile way to handle office telephony for your business.

If you’re looking for a phone system that can scale as your business grows, provide office telephony while you’re on the move and adapt to your businesses changing requirements then Skype for Business Telephony can give you that power. Depending on requirements utilising Microsoft E5 License and the PTSN calling addon or a 3rd Party provider that can extend the out-of-the-box 365 functionality and give you a robust telephony system. Get in touch below and one of our specialists can provide a full demo of the solution/

  • Flexible

    Easily add & remove users as your business flexes. If you have busy months with lots of contractors add the users as required then the following month lower them back down. This can save you vast amounts of money.

  • Mobile

    Access your landline phone numbers on any device anywhere in the world. You no longer need to worry about a fixed telephone at your office and not being able to access it. Easily make calls from your Office number of a mobile or PC.

  • Easy to Use

    All you need is an internet connection, a mobile device or PC and headset. No configuration and no hassle.

  • Reporting & Management

    Want to change your call routing to meet your changing business need or see what calls are being made and where? The management console gives you full control.

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