Planning your journey to the cloud in 2016

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2015 was a huge leap in the UK market for companies starting to adopt the cloud. Over 4 in 5 businesses in the UK are now utilising the Cloud. Many companies have migrated core business functions such as Email or Document Storage as a starting point with great success, 2016 will include plans of how to migrate other business functions such as SharePoint and Bespoke Servers & Applications to the Cloud as well.

What does the cloud mean for your business?

IT On-Premise investments into core business functions such as email are a thing of the past. With products like Office365 and Google Apps moving functions such as email there is simply no need for a lot of organisations to be managing email and documents on premise any more. Moving to these cloud services can provide a huge cost saving and give businesses powerful applications that were traditionally only available to enterprise at huge expense before.

Purchasing Office365’s Business Premium license will give customers a huge array of tools at their disposal.

Exchange – Move your email ecosystem to Office365 and never worry about backups, spam or maintenance again.

Office Client – Get the latest versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and not have to continually upgrade or worry about licenses.

SharePoint & OneDrive – Move your documents to the Cloud and start collaborating with other departments or even other companies for no additional costs.

Skype for Business – The corporate communication tool, call, video and share information easily internally or with anyone else using Skype or Office365

More & Continual Updates – Access to Yammer, Videos and more as well as getting the latest and greatest version of each product without paying any more money.

If you’re not using the cloud currently, planning to migrate some components to the cloud in the near future or you are already utilising Office365 or Google Apps and are looking for the next step in their cloud journey or want to ensure you get the most return on investment, planning a cloud roadmap for 2016 will be essential.

Roadmapping the Journey to the Cloud

Whether your not using the cloud or currently using the cloud planning for the IT strategy in 2016 will be essential. Any roadmap should analyse the existing infrastructure, how IT currently works for your business and how you would like IT to work for you in the future. A cloud roadmap should answer the following questions.

  • When is the cloud the right for your business and when is the cloud not the answer?
  • How do does the cloud suit your organisation and how is it different from what you are doing today?
  • What applications are a good fit for cloud solutions?
  • How does cloud impact existing infrastructure and applications?
  • What is different about operating a cloud?
  • What should you migrate to the cloud, how long will it take to move and how much should you budget?
  • What do Office365, Google Apps, AWS & Azure mean and how can they help my business?

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