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What types of Microsoft Teams to create? This is a question we often get asked, our article covers the common use cases for deploying Microsoft Teams that we have seen across our many projects with organisations.

Microsoft Teams is included in all Microsoft 365 plans and an important factor for organisations to consider when rolling this out is ensuring a good structure and governance plan is in place. There are also a number of enhanced addons such as Microsoft 365 Business Voice which aids telephony for businesses or organisations.

How should I deploy Microsoft Teams?

The following Microsoft Team Types are the most common ones organisations deploy.

How should I deploy Microsoft Teams?


These types of Teams provide departments a place to streamline their way of working. Replacing internal emails & communications with group chats, hosting regular department meetings and migrating their files into the platform.

Project / Ad-hoc

Project & Ad-Hoc Teams are ideal for cross department functions and even external parties like suppliers & partners. Map out your project and use it to improve collaboration on your project using meetings, files and planner for task management.

Company Wide

Invite your whole organisation to a Microsoft Team and use it for posting important announcements, praising members of staff and providing easy access to a SharePoint Online Intranet.

Social & Initiatives

Create social Teams for your employees to engage on topics they are interested in and drive company wide initiatives such as a mental health campaign to really drive social and company wide feedback

Microsoft Teams Services

Valto provide a range of Microsoft Teams services including:

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  • Microsoft Teams Request Form

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