Adopting Microsoft 365 – Microsoft 365 Masterclass

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Microsoft 365 Masterclass: Adopting Microsoft 365

Video Guide for Microsoft 365 Adoption

Learn best practices, tips, and tricks from Microsoft 365 specialists Valto as part of our Microsoft 365 Masterclass: Adopting Microsoft 365.

About this Video – Training for Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365 Masterclass Series is a new webinar series from Valto. Our series aims to help organisations get the most out of their subscriptions including developing a strategy, adoption the platform, improving security and a dive into key technologies.

Our second event covers off how your organisation can go about adopting Microsoft 365 and get the most value out of their Microsoft 365 Investment

During the webinar we will cover off the following key topics:

  • Vision Planning
  • Change Management & Communication
  • Champions
  • Resources
  • Certifications

During the webinar we’ll be focusing on key processes you can implement and demonstrating the following key Microsoft 365 technologies:

Who is this video for?

This video is aimed at organisations that have Microsoft 365 and would like to get more out of their investment. We’ll cover off best practices, tips and tricks to help your organisation and users adopt the Microsoft 365 platform.

Example Adoption Strategy Vision

Office 365 Vision

Office365 will provide a centralised environment where all activities, documents and policies are stored in an intuitive manner. The platform will enable users to collaborate more effectively and find information with ease.

Microsoft Teams Vision

Microsoft Teams will be used as our primary communication channel and replace all internal emails. The platform will be used to improve communications and collaboration across departments, projects, and companywide engagements.


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