Azure UK prices to decrease by up to 51%

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If you’re troubled by increasing cloud costs, relief could be on the way.  Microsoft have announced that Azure UK prices for selected virtual machines could be about to come down.  In some cases, this could mean a reduction of more than 50%.  This is great news for businesses who rely on the cloud and want to get more for their money.

The upcoming reduction in Azure UK prices comes after increases earlier in the year which reflected changes in exchange rates in 2016.  At the start of the year Microsoft increased all cloud pricing by 22%!

Azure UK Prices – Competition is good!

azure uk pricesCompetition to attract and retain clients for public cloud services is intense.  Aside from the big 3 providers (Microsoft, Google and Amazon), traditional data centres are increasingly moving to a cloud model.  Customers benefit from this competition because it leads to improvements in product quality, and also ultimately, lower prices.  As cloud services become more of a commodity service, price competition is increasing.

As part of the ongoing cloud wars between AWS, Google and Azure huge prices cuts have been applied to a range of VMs especially those found in the UK data centres.

This move and should restore some confidence among customers about uncertainty with pricing going forward.

Lower Azure UK prices give businesses more flexibility about deploying cloud services.  You can get more VMs for your money, as a result, users benefit from more capacity and better performance.

Whether you’re planning a new deployment in the public cloud, or want to get more from your existing Azure environment and find out how well it meets your needs, Valto can help you.  Book a workshop today to discuss your requirements.  Call now on 03335 779 009 .