How to Manage Employee Absences with a Leave Request PowerApp

In this video blog post we show you how to manage employee absences with our Leave Request PowerApp. We will give you a five-minute demonstration of one of Valtos most popular pre-built PowerApps the Leave Request Power App.

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    5 Minute Demo

    You can watch the full demonstration video of how to achieve this by clicking on the image below.
    Webinar and Blog by: Dougie.wood

    Clickable Image to open Youtube video of Leave Request PowerApp

    Leave Request PowerApp FAQ’s

    We have deployed this product to many clients of all different shapes and sizes. Below are several questions we frequently get asked about this PowerApp.

    How is the Leave Request PowerApp Built?

    Our system is built using only Microsoft 365 products that is designed to be quickly deployed to your Office 365 enviroment. We only use products that are included in the standard Office 365 licenses.  This means you take full advantage of the licenses you are already paying for and you will not need not need to purchase additional licenses.

    • PowerApps

      The system is built using Power Apps as the easy to user and mobile friendly interface. This means users can access it from an App on their mobile phone, via a SharePoint Intranet or embedded in Microsoft Teams as demonstrated in the video above.

    • Power Automate

      We then use Power Automate to send approval requests to line managers then outcome notification emails to the employee. The leave request workflow is 100% processed by Power Automate, meaning that it could be maintained or even modified by your own super users if you required.

    • SharePoint

      We also take advantage of using SharePoint and Microsoft Lists as the cloud database to securely store all the data the system uses and generates.

    How do we add current entitlements into the Leave Request PowerApp?

    All the configurations for our systems can be achieved by you providing us an Excel spreadsheet or CSV of the data and we can upload it for you.

    Who manages and updates our Leave Request PowerApp?

    We will provide you sufficient training and supporting videos for a team of your own employees to manage the leave request powerapp. However, we also offer a pay-as-you-go type support model for assistance if required.

    Can the Leave Request PowerApp align to our start/end months?

    Yes, as part of the configuration meeting we will check with you what month your holiday calendar year starts and ends. This can be very useful if your holiday year aligns with your finical year for example.

    Leave System

    How Much Does The Leave Request PowerApp Cost?

    All our pre-built Power App systems are built to use your existing Office 365 licenses. There is NO reoccurring license fees for any of our applications.

    We charge a flat fee for the deployment of our PowerApps Leave Request system, which includes the following:

    • Demo

      A personalized demonstration of our product to your senior leaders

    • Configuration Meeting

      We will scedule a call with the stakeholders of the project to discuss and agree the configuration of the system

    • Product Deployment

      We will deploy our system to your Office 365 enviroment with the agreed configurations

    • Training

      We provide a remote two hour training session that is recorded and provided along with some additional training video materials

    • Follow Up

      We will scedule a follow up meeting with you before the system goes live

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      I hope you found this demo useful, If you  are interested in purchasing our PowerApp or you would like to get some assistance for Office 365, please feel free to contact me with any questions

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