Microsoft 365 – What to expect in 2022

First of all, happy New Year! Our blog post is Valto’s outlook on what we can expect from the Microsoft 365 platform and Microsoft as a whole in the coming year.

New Challenges

I’m sure you’ve seen by now that the Y2K bug has arrived 22 years late! This has hit international news and has caused issues with mail flow for On Premise Exchange servers.

2021 has seen several significant cyber security breaches including breaches with Solar Winds and Kaseya. These are large scale intelligent attacks on customers and MSP’s.

2022 will bring further waves of intelligent attacks which will cause troubles in our industry. Valto is always using cutting edge technology and improving best practice security deployments to keep ahead of the curve.

New Functionality

Microsoft 365 has an ever-changing roadmap and some of the areas we are excited about can be found below:

Outlook Cloud Signatures

This will enable the functionality for users to store their signatures in the cloud and be standardised across all devices. This will not provide the same functionality as a signature tool used for marketing but will certainly make it easier for users to have standard signatures moving forward.

Microsoft Teams

As Microsoft continues to invest in the platform, we are certain that there will be major improvements to the platform in 2022. Including Microsoft Mesh and Loop.

mesh can be used in teams to create personalised avatars - microsoft ignite

Defender for Endpoint

We’ve already seen a lot of improvements to the platform over 2021 and we expect additional functionality to be added to the cutting-edge anti-virus platform in 2022.

Hardware including Surface Laptop 5 & Studio 3

2021 has seen the launch of the Surface Pro 8 and we expect to see new improvements to the Surface Laptop 5 & Studio 3 over 2022.

Windows 11 Improvements

This new operating system was released in 2021 and was Microsoft’s first major update since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015. It has many exciting new features and improvements such as upgraded security, and a brand-new, modern aesthetic, and we can also expect to see some new improvements and updates to this system in 2022.

User Voice

Interestingly in March 21 Microsoft made the decision to stop using User Voice for feedback and are leveraging other options so there may be a new development coming in 2022 for feedback.

Due to recent policy updates within Microsoft across all products, [the] Microsoft Information Protection product group is discontinuing the usage of UserVoice and starting to use other methods to stay connected to customers and collect product feedback.”

NCE Price Changes

Covered in detail in our December 2021 webinar – Microsoft NCE Changes there is going to be a substantial change to all customers in the way they purchase and procure licenses. In 2022 Q1 Valto will be working closely with customers to update them on the impact on this and ensure they are NCE ready!

Return of Microsoft Events?

We’ve certainly missed attending the Microsoft Events over the past couple of years and we are hopeful that 2022 will see the return of face-to-face events for Ignite and Inspire.


Of course, we couldn’t write a blog post without covering what Valto will be working on over 2022 and we’re all very excited to share with you!

  • Webinars – Valto are looking to host a webinar every month focusing on all aspects of Microsoft. These aim to be informative and provide free guidance to customers wanting to get more out of their Microsoft investment.
  • Blogs & Whitepapers – We have an exciting schedule of new content coming over 2022 including new blogs, vlogs, and white papers.
  • Team Growth – Valto has been steadily growing and looking to expand the team further over 2022 to provide even more consultancy and managed services.

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