Planning your Security Compliance with Microsoft Purview

Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre has been recently renamed to Microsoft Purview. Microsoft Purview brings together a number of Microsoft solutions including the 365 Security Center, Azure Purview, and the Compliance Center, whilst adding a number of new features which we will discuss in the video below.

Purview Licensing and Functionality

Outlined below is table showing the key features available in Microsoft 365 for compliance:

microsoft compliance licensing

Microsoft Purview Webinar

Valto recently hosted a webinar on the compliance topic which can be found below.

In this video we demonstrate the available features and functions for Microsoft 365 Compliance and provide guidance on planning your project strategy. The session will run you through all of the tools available in the compliance centre and you will leave with clear next steps to move forward.

In this video we discuss:

  • Introduction to Compliance
  • What is Microsoft Purview?
  • Licensing
  • Planning your Compliance Strategy

Microsoft 365 Compliance Strategy Guide

You can find our Microsoft 365 Compliance Strategy help guide here.

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