How to get ready for Microsoft 365 Business Voice

When you are looking to deploy Microsoft 365 Business Voice there are a number of considerations that can enable your organisation to get ready for it. More and more businesses had to replace skype for business with Microsoft Teams and Business Voice services as Skype ended in July 2021. There has been a huge shift to remote working with teams and business voice really takes organisations to the next level!

Porting Numbers

Microsoft Teams allows your existing numbers to be ported to Microsoft 365. This is typically free and allows for you to request a port from your existing provider to Microsoft 365. Once the date has been agreed the numbers are then added to the portal so you can allocate these to users in advance and ensure there is a seamless changeover.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice Calling Plans

There are a few options for calling plans that are available including domestic and international. Prior to any deployment you should work with your users to get ready for Microsoft 365 Business voice and understand what their call requirements are, and which plan would suit them best.


Providing your users with the correct hardware is essential for a successful deployment. Users should be provided a headset with noise-cancelling. A favourite option for Valto is the Jabra Evolve series and especially the Jabra Evolve 65.

jabra evolve 65 headphones

Meeting Rooms

Deploying Microsoft Teams in the relevant meeting rooms is critical to success as conference calls will require multiple parties to be able to send and receive calls. Microsoft provides a great resource to outline the available options for Calling & Meeting Room Solutions.

microsoft teams meeting room


Providing your users with Microsoft Teams training on how the new solution will work and outlining the key features such as:

  • Sending & Receiving Calls
  • Call Forwarding
  • Free/Busy Status
  • Transferring Calls
  • Replacing Mobile Phones Numbers with Landlines
  • Quiet Hours
  • Voicemails

Replace Existing Toolsets

It’s important that any legacy methods of calling are replaced during this transition and Microsoft 365 Business Voice becomes the primary call platform for your organisation. During any deployment any legacy toolsets should be disabled and phased out.

Call Queues

Defining the required call queues with your users so that different departments and teams can have a dedicated land line number and call queue to enable calls to be routed to the relevant Team members.

Valto Microsoft 365 Business Voice Specialists

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