Microsoft 365 Business Voice Masterclass

About this video – Overview of Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Our Microsoft 365 Masterclass Series is a new webinar series from Valto. Our series aims to help organisations get the most out of their subscriptions including developing a strategy, adoption the platform, improving security and a dive into key technologies.

Our webinar will walk your organisation through handling internal communications and engaging employees effectively using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams have released a new product called Business Voice. Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an addon to Microsoft Teams and a comprehensive all-in-one communication system designed for small and medium businesses. Business Voice combines instant messaging, voice calls and video meetings together into one convenient and simple app.

Business Voice is a cloud-based application and therefore allows users to call from any location. This eliminates challenges with VPN and connectivity requirements. Business Voice is available in most countries.

During this video, we will be covering the following points:

  • An overview of the Business Voice Licensing that is available and the pricing plans of these licenses. Additionally, Microsoft currently have a discount available for a reduced price per user for the first year of use. Valto are also providing a free 1-month trial of Microsoft 365 Business Voice for 25 users within an organisation, and this will also include training on how to use it correctly. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us.
  • An overview of Microsoft Business Voice and it’s features. These features include call management, easy scheduling, signature security, number migration, universal devices, cloud voicemail, auto-attendant capability, and dial-in conferences.
  • A 10-minute talk ran by Neil Whitelock, the Director of SIPPIO, explaining the benefits of Direct Routing and additional features for Business Voice that are available with third party integration. Find out more about SIPPIO here.
  • The best hardware that is available for Microsoft Business Voice. A look at the Teams devices overview page from Microsoft that allows you to specify what you’re looking for in terms of the space you are working in to integrate into Microsoft Teams. Find out more here. A look at our partners Poly and Jabra, and the devices they supply to get the most out of Microsoft Teams and Business Voice. Find out more about Poly and Jabra.
  • An overview of the Business Voice fixed price setup that we provide.

Who is this video for?

This webinar is aimed at organisations wanting to learn more about Business Voice and how this can improve remote and hybrid working.

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