Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Zones Service

Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Zones Service

As organisations increasingly move to the cloud, it’s critical to have an enterprise-scale architecture in place to ensure that business requirements are met and that cloud adoption is successful. A landing zone is a key part of this architecture, providing a pre-configured environment that enables organisations to deploy workloads quickly and securely.

Our expert consultants work with you to design and implement an enterprise-scale landing zone that is tailored to your specific business requirements. We use the Cloud Adoption Framework landing zone conceptual architecture as a foundation, and work with you to make design decisions and implement the Azure Landing Zone Accelerator to ensure your target architecture is met.

Our landing zone design covers a range of design areas, including governance, networking, identity and access management, security, and monitoring. We offer various landing zone implementation options, taking into account technical requirements, design principles, and Azure resources, while ensuring that infrastructure as code is used to enable repeatability and consistency.

Join us and discover how our Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Zones service can help you design and implement a landing zone conceptual architecture that meets your organisation’s needs, enabling you to accelerate your cloud adoption and improve your business agility.

What is a Landing Zone

An Azure landing zone is essentially a pre-configured environment that sets the foundation for cloud adoption teams to easily run their workloads. By following the best practices outlined in landing zone design areas, organisations can build a strong and secure foundation for their cloud adoption journey.

Landing zone design areas cover various topics, including governance, networking, identity and access management, security, and monitoring. Each of these areas has specific design principles and technical requirements that need to be addressed for successful cloud adoption.

Once the landing zone is set up, organisations can extend this foundation by implementing processes related to security, governance, and compliance. This ensures that the cloud environment remains secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

An Azure landing zone provides cloud adoption teams with a well-managed environment that incorporates best practices for cloud adoption.