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Is Azure compliant with ISO 27001?

These days, remaining compliant with all the various legislations, procedures, protocols and requirements can seem like a job within itself. Balancing remaining profitable and maintaining productivity levels alongside ensuring all practices are up to code can be difficult.

That’s why using world-leading products like the Microsoft suite is the only way to ensuring the best possible process for your business. As the world’s leading provider of both operating systems (Windows) and productivity software (Microsoft 365 and Office 365), Microsoft provides the software backbone of the majority of global businesses.

So, how can you use Azure at your business to improve processes, automate workflows and store data in the cloud? And if you do migrate to Azure (or already have the cloud computing platform on board at your organisation), can you be sure it’s compliant with ISO 27001?

We’ve put together a guide to understanding the ISO implications of using Microsoft Azure, to walk you through everything you need to know about network security, security management and more.