Using PowerApps for Employee Rewards & Recognition

In this series we demonstrate Power Apps that Valto have built, to give you real world examples such as “Rewards and Recognition Power Apps”.

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    Rewards and Recognition within PowerApps

    The project we completed for Capacity was to develop an employee information and rewards portal that Capacity had internally branded as Campus. Watch the video for more information on this PowerApps Example.

    Working with Capacity

    In this first instalment of the series, we will be talking about a recent project that we have delivered for our client Capacity. Capacity advises and guides the public, and third sectors that are facing tough internal and external challenges. They listen to communities to gain knowledge on the services that they need, and then they collaborate across sectors, and provide support to charities and social enterprises. Read more about Capacity here.

    ‘Campus’ – The Rewards and Recognition PowerApp

    Campus was made up of multiple Microsoft 365 technologies, including SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and PowerApps.

    The SharePoint Online employee platform was designed so that it was easy to access resources, news, and important information. This enables the app to be used as a modern one stop shop for all employee information. This also included surfacing the latest company social media posts, upcoming events, recommended articles, and company information.

    Therefore, this enables employees to keep up to date with company news, as well as encouraging education and knowledge with recommended articles. It is also helpful for new starters, with a section dedicated to how the business operates.

    PowerApp of the Month SharePoint

    ‘Rewards App’ – PowerApp Example of the Month

    Campus also included a PowerApp branded ‘Rewards App’. This is our PowerApp of the Month. The purpose of this app was to encourage and recognise the employees that are going above and beyond their daily roles. The app includes additional activities that would score them points, which could then be redeemed for rewards.

    This includes activities such as attending training courses and workshops, presenting meetings, gaining an accredited qualification, and much more. Activities and rewards can be added or removed in the Admin Tool. Each activity has a certain number of points allocated to them. Rewards included things such as cinema tickets, days off, and gift cards.

    Employees can easily submit activities that they have achieved via the app and will get notified through the app or email when their activities have been approved. Employees can also view how many points they have earned, redeemed, claimed, and can also view which rewards they have requested within the app.  The Rewards App also included a Leaderboard to encourage friendly competition and motivation.

    Microsoft Teams – Rewards and Recognition PowerApps

    The final piece of Microsoft 365 technology that we used for this solution is Microsoft Teams. We built a Microsoft Team where people can submit any questions or information regarding the app and the Rewards that are available.

    Additionally, we added a Campus tab within Teams that integrated all the elements of the PowerApp together, including SharePoint Online and the Rewards App. This made the PowerApp easily accessible without having to leave Microsoft Teams and switch from app to app.

    Microsoft Teams for PowerApp of the Month

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