PowerApps Expense Request System Example

Expense Request System: In this series we demonstrate PowerApps that Valto have built, to give you real world PowerApps examples. Discover how you can easily submit expense requests from your mobile phone using Microsoft PowerApps.

An Expense Request System PowerApps Example

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    Expense Request System with PowerApps

    The Expense Request process is something that all businesses and organisations have to deal with on a day to day basis.

    Often this is still a very manual process such as having to scan in receipts and then email them over to your Finance or Accounts department.

    Many online accounting websites such as Xero, QuickBooks, SAP Concur and Sage have expense request mobile applications. However, these can be very costly to pay for per user a month.

    If your company is already using Microsoft 365 for Outlook emails, document management with OneDrive and SharePoint or recently adopted Microsoft Teams for collaboration you should be considering PowerApps for delivering business applications.

    Canvas PowerApps will allow you to build user friendly mobile applications quickly and without incurring expensive license fees, as the PowerApps licenses you currently have likely cover the Power Platform products.

    We have taken the leg work out of developing this Expense Request PowerApps for you by creating our own template. But we can easily tweak the application to your requirements if you would like multiple stage approvals, notifications or automated monthly reports for example.

    You can see more about the features of this PowerApp in our YouTube video above or continue reading below.

    Summary Page of the Expense Request System in PowerApps

    When you first open the PowerApp you will notice that it is using the mobile layout. This is to make it as easy as possible to submit expense reports and receipts when out and about.

    You will be able to see a summary of all the previous expense requests that have been submitted and their current approval status.

    The top of the PowerApp will also show you a summary of how much expense money you are due to request, pending to be approved and the total that has been approved.

    Expense Request App Homepage

    Line Items in the Expense Request System in PowerApps

    Below you will see an example of how an expense report that you could be submitting for a specific month is a collection of multiple line items expense requests.

    Each of these line items have their own specific information such as cost, date spent, attachments of receipt. However, these fields can be totally customisable so if you wanted your own fields adding such as cost centre or categories this is achievable.

    The line items in the expense request will also allow you the ability to take a photo of a receipt and attach it to the submitted line item.

    Approval Process of the Expense Request System with Power Automate

    Every request that is submitted is sent for approval to the current users manager or dedicated approver.

    The approval is issued via a Power Automate workflow and will allow the approver to review each of the line items before making a decision.

    Once the expense request has been approved an email is sent back to the requestor to confirm that their request has been approved.

    Then an email will be sent to the relevant Finance or Accounts team to let them know that expenses are due to be paid to the requestor.

    Expense Request System

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