Nintex vs PowerApps

Nintex and PowerApps are both popular systems that have very similar functions, and it can be hard to decide which is best for your business needs. In this article we lay out all the pros and cons for each application and which we would recommend using.

What is Nintex?

Nintex is a workflow and automation software platform. It is described as a software to manage, automate, and optimize your processes in order to transform your business.

The software is made by a US-based company called Nintex inc. Alongside Microsoft’s Power Platform, they are described as one of the world-leading workflow platforms.

How much does Nintex cost?

Nintex pricing has two options available, which are the Nintex workflow standard option, and the Nintex workflow enterprise option. These are shown and compared in the images below:

nintex pricing

The pricing model they advertise is in US dollars, and when converted to GBP the Nintex workflow standard option would be around £662 per month, and the Nintex workflow enterprise option would be around £1,019.

What is PowerApps?

Microsoft PowerApps is also a software that allows you to create apps, workflows, and custom forms in order to streamline your processes.

PowerApps is easy to use and does not require any code. It has many pre-made templates to choose from. This means you do not need to have professional developer skills to use this software.

PowerApps is a cloud-based application that allows you to access, use and work on apps that have been shared with you. These custom business apps connect your organisations work and data across all platforms. If it’s data you’re interested in, we are experts when it comes to Microsoft powerapps databases.

How much does PowerApps cost?

Microsoft PowerApps prices have two plans available, these are shown and compared in the images below:

microsoft powerapp prices
microsoft powerapp plan comparison

Nintex vs PowerApps – Which one should I choose?


Microsoft PowerApps licensing is priced at either £3.80 to run one app per user per month, or £15.10 to run unlimited apps per user. Nintex is priced at around either £662 per month for the Nintex workflow standard option or around £1,019 for the Nintex workflow enterprise option.

Therefore, even the unlimited apps per user option for Microsoft PowerApps is considerably more affordable than both Nintex pricing options.


Microsoft PowerApps allows their users to employ and connect to a large range of third-party systems including, Azure SQL, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, OneDrive, Slack, Salesforce, DB2, and MailChimp. This helps workflows and applications to work and meet the demands of users, without having to keep switching between interfaces.

Nintex allows its users to integrate their system with SharePoint and Office 365. Nintex therefore has a lot less third-party integration options available when compared to Microsoft PowerApps.


When using PowerApps you do not need to be able to use code, which makes creating workflows, processes, and applications easier for non-IT professionals. PowerApps also allows their users to not only create workflows and automation, but also to create applications, and this is a feature Nintex does not currently offer.

Although, Nintex does allow for some configurations by non-IT professionals, including the simpler processes, the more detailed and sophisticated automation, and processes will need an IT expert.

Mobile capability

Both iOS and Android are supported for use with Nintex workflows and automation. This makes hybrid working much easier, and allows offline data capture, notifications, and forms to be accessed through mobile devices.

PowerApps is also extremely mobile-friendly, with the functionality to create mobile applications, workflows, automation, and much more already built into the PowerApps system.


Both Nintex and Microsoft PowerApps have great features that many organisations would benefit from. Although, when comparing both systems, PowerApps is much more affordable, whilst also giving users the option to create their own applications, with less IT support than Nintex would require.

PowerApps also has every feature that Nintex offers its users and more including their app creating capabilities, which is something Nintex does not currently offer. Additionally, PowerApps allows integration with much more third-party applications and systems and is overall easier to use by non-IT experts.

Therefore, for these reasons I would recommend that PowerApps would be the best choice when considering usability, price, and integrations.

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