Is Miccrosoft Teams replacing Skype for Business?

Is Microsoft Teams replacing Skype for Business?

Skype for Business will officially be retiring on the 31st of July 2021. It will be replaced by Microsoft Teams.

Skype was launched in 2015 and quickly became a popular application for both personal and business use.

Two years after the launch of Skype for Business, Microsoft launched Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is used by more than 500,000 organizations globally and has over 115 million daily active users. Read more about the stats with Microsoft.

Differences between Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

Skype for Business’ most notable feature is the use of video calling and its conference features.

To schedule a video or audio call through Skype, you can arrange a meeting with your team and guests through Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Teams is akin to Skype in terms of video and audio calls, except external participants do not need to have the Teams application installed to join video and audio calls.

Once granted access, guest users in Microsoft Teams are also able to create a channel, share files, post, edit and delete messages. They can also participate in private chats and channels.

Guest access through Skype can only be achieved through installing the Skype for Business application or a web plug in.

Skype telephony for business will also be replaced by Microsoft Teams Business Voice. Business Voice is an addon for Microsoft Teams and is a cloud-based, all-in-one communications tool for businesses. Business Voice combines instant messaging, voice calls and video meetings together into one convenient and simple app.

Other features of Skype for Business include chat and messaging. However, unlike Microsoft Teams chats disappear once you exit the chat window and can only be saved through a Microsoft Outlook account.

Integrations, file transfer and guest access are also some other features of Skype and Microsoft Teams.

In addition to the difference in chat features between Teams and Skype, Teams is also ahead in terms of integration features.

Microsoft Teams can integrate more than 150 third party applications. Users can access these links and services within the Teams chat, without having to switch between different applications.

Switching from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Once Skype for business is retired on the 31st of July 2021, it will no longer be supported or accessible.

Switching to Microsoft Teams will have many benefits for your business needs.

Microsoft Teams has many features that are not included in Skype for Business. These features include, persistent chat, teams’ threads and channels, live events, calendar, and file storage.

By switching to Microsoft Teams, this also means businesses will be using SharePoint and OneDrive and have access to their features also.

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