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Microsoft Viva Topics – UK Services

  • Empower people and teams at work

    Using artificial intelligence insights, Microsoft Viva Topics curates a selection of knowledge and information on relevant subjects. Your team can learn around their job and company all within one app for easy access.

  • Create topics for knowledge learning

    Managers and leaders in businesses can share learning, training, important updates and more. Viva automatically creates topic pages which are easily accessed by your team. They can contain information including relevant contacts, important documents and related sites to visit.

  • Expert help with Microsoft products and services

    At Valto we specialise in all things Microsoft. So from implementing Viva Topics to integrating it with the rest of the Viva Suite, to setting up Teams and sorting your Microsoft 365 licence, we can help. We’ll streamline everything so you get the best value and performance.

  • Manage Viva Topics with Valto

    Valto’s team of Microsoft Viva specialists can help you set up topic cards and topic highlights to put knowledge to work. We’ll set your user accounts up, and show you how to integrate the module with the rest of the Viva Topics Suite.

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