December 2021 Quarterly Webinar – Microsoft NCE Licensing Changes

About this video

Our Quarterly Webinars are a new series from Valto. The aim of these webinars is to provide organisations with consistent updates on what is new within Microsoft 365 that you might have otherwise missed.

During this video we will outline all Microsoft 365 announcements from the previous 3 months. We will provide a detailed overview and examples so that you can harness all that your Microsoft 365 products and services have to offer.

We will discuss:

Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE)

We will discuss the updates concerning Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience including;

• What NCE means to you?

• Why are the changes being implemented?

• How are Valto handling these?

• Key dates and other information

Microsoft Security & Backup

Keeping your business secure is the number one priority. We will talk you through Microsoft’s security and backup for your business needs.

Windows 11 launch

Valto Managed Licensing

We will talk you through how your business could be missing out on significant cost savings and how we can help prevent this.

Valto Managed IT Support

Valto has built a robust, straight forward approach to fully managed IT support. We will discuss all of the powerful features involved in this and how it can be beneficial to your business.

Who is this video for?

This video is aimed at organisations that have Microsoft 365 and would like to get more out of their investment. This will outline any new technologies, products, services, and features of each Microsoft 365 quarterly update and announcements that you might have otherwise missed.

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