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Intune Management Extension

Intune Management Extension

The Microsoft Intune Management Extension is a powerful tool that enhances device management within your organisation. With this extension, you can streamline application installation, execute PowerShell scripts, and monitor device compliance effortlessly. At Valto, we specialise in helping businesses leverage the capabilities of the Intune Management Extension to enhance their device management experience.

The Intune Management Extension simplifies the management of Microsoft Intune Management on Azure AD-joined devices, making it easier for organisations to transition from traditional IT methods to modern management practices. It enables seamless integration with Azure Active Directory (AD), allowing for centralised management and control over users and devices.

One of the key benefits of the Intune Management Extension is its ability to execute PowerShell scripts on Windows 10 devices. This functionality empowers businesses to automate tasks, customise configurations, and efficiently manage their devices. Additionally, the extension supports the installation of apps, giving you flexibility in deploying software across your managed devices.

By leveraging the Intune Management Extension, you can upload PowerShell scripts to the extension within Microsoft Intune. This allows you to execute these scripts remotely on devices enrolled in Intune, providing you with powerful automation capabilities.

With the Intune Management Extension, you can enhance your mobile device management (MDM) strategy and enable your workforce to work from anywhere. The extension enhances Windows device management, simplifies application deployment, and streamlines script execution, allowing for seamless device management and increased productivity.

At Valto, we understand the importance of efficient device management and the benefits it brings to businesses. Our team of Microsoft experts are dedicated to assisting you in unlocking the full potential of the Intune Management Extension.