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Microsoft 365 Retention Labels and Policies

  • Simple file classification

    Apply a retention label to a document to set rules for use. Retain important files and clear space by deleting what’s not needed with an intuitive and responsive platform set up by Valto. Easily define which users have access to content and set usage limits.

  • Data retention and management

    Comply with your industry regulations, keep important business data and make sure you classify and organise the files you need. Applying retention labels to content classifies items as record so you can set rules for retaining or deleting information as required.

  • On demand support

    With Valto’s Microsoft 365 packages you have flexible support from our entire team of Microsoft experts whenever you need it. Whether it’s help with setting up retention labels, assistance applying labels to content automatically or categorising information within a SharePoint site or OneDrive accounts – let us help.

  • Data breach limitation

    By applying retention policies and retention labels to content you make compliance and information protection more efficient and hassle-free. Using Microsoft retention labels means easy management and access to files.

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