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The best Microsoft 365 Training Services for UK businesses

  • Stay up to date

    Get the latest updates, upgrades and releases from Microsoft thanks to our team’s insights. Learn how to get the best out of the Microsoft suite to enhance your reporting, sales, targeting, processes and more.

  • Grow productivity and achieve more

    Whether you’re moving systems with a Microsoft 365 migration, or simply want to get more out of the platform, we can help. Increase productivity by learning how to get the best out of Microsoft 365, and arm your colleagues and partners with the tools and skills to start automating processes and using AI in everyday protocols.

  • Get the best out of Microsoft

    Valto’s engineers, specialists, developers and other Microsoft-trained experts know every part of the Microsoft suite inside out. That means whether you’re building apps in PowerApps, using PowerBI to automate or communicating remotely with Microsoft Teams, we can offer expert training tailored to your business requirements.

  • Experts on hand when you need us

    We’re very proud to be an official, certified Double Microsoft Gold Partner. So not only will you, through us, have the latest information and updates direct from the source, but you’ll have a team of experts and experienced developers available to teach, train and troubleshoot whenever you need.

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