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Everything you need to know about Microsoft Cloud App Security

Keeping your data secure is more important now than ever

  • Purpose built security for cloud applications

    Cloud App Security has been developed with modern IT needs and architecture in mind. It’s designed to be used with the cloud and features intelligent and adaptive functionality built for the modern workplace – whether you’re remote, hybrid or office-based.

  • Easy integration with essential tools

    Cloud App Security works seamlessly with countless essential business tools and services that most organisations already use as an integral part of their processes. Connect Cloud App Security to Salesforce, Dropbox, the G Suite, Google Cloud, AWS and more.

  • Increased visibility for added assurance

    Cloud App Security’s innovative data collection tools allow you more visibility and transparency over your cyber security than ever. The platform collects data on many Software as a Service (SaaS) apps, and translates this into easy to read, live dashboards so you always have visibility and control over your business activity.

  • Compliance and regulatory requirement management

    Make sure you and your organisation remain totally compliant with ay industry, geographical or other regulations. From ISO 27001 to GDPR, Cloud App Security will help your business follow the rules, monitor activity, secure sensitive information and avoid costly fines or outages.

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