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Become A Windows Licence Reseller

Start making money from your licencing by becoming an official Windows licence reseller.

  • Enhanced ROI

    By becoming an official Windows licence reseller, you can see a larger return on investment from purchasing a Windows licence. By making money off your unneeded licences, you will have more money to invest in other business areas.

  • Reseller one-stop-shop

    The expert Valto team is here to help you get set up as a Windows licence reseller. From configuration and customisation to training and advice, Valto is a one-stop shop for Windows licence reseller support.

  • Seamless business management

    Here at Valto, all our IT solutions are made-to-measure, ensuring that you and your customers are getting the very best outcomes throughout the entire Windows licence reselling process. With an expert partner, reselling Windows is easier than ever.

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