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Planning your Microsoft 365 Compliance (Purview) Strategy White Paper

The Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre offers users a variety of tools designed to make it easier to identify compliance risks. It provides a set of user-friendly features for classifying, protecting and governing your Microsoft 365 data to comply with data and privacy laws. Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre has recently been renamed Microsoft Purview. All the Microsoft 365 tools related to governance and data protection have been combined into one toolset. This makes it easier than ever to plan your Microsoft 365 compliance strategy.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about planning your Microsoft Purview strategy. It will also help you understand which compliance functionality programs are available as part of your Microsoft 365 licensing. With a proper understanding of Microsoft Purview, you will be able to create a robust and effective compliance strategy for your organisation. This includes data retention protocols, real-time alerting and many other strategies that can keep your information secure.

Microsoft 365 Purview Compliance Strategy

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Using this guide, you will be able to plan a robust and intelligent compliance strategy. Once you have understood the functionality available as part of your licensing, you can take advantage of the Microsoft Purview features. To create the best compliance strategy, you should plan your labelling requirements for retention and sensitivity, tailor the alerting functionality and configure the compliance roles within the 365 platform. You should then work closely with your security team to implement policies that encompass both areas.

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