How to add a PowerApp into a Microsoft Team

In this article we will demonstrate how you can add a PowerApp into a Microsoft Team.

This article is part of an ongoing series of video demonstrations to show you how to create your own Power App.

The series will show you from the start of the process how you can create Canvas PowerApp, integrate Power Automate related workflows. Then once the app is finished sharing it with a wider auidence by embedding it into your Microsoft Team.

PowerApps are a great way to digitally transform paper-based processes that you would usually work on with Team members.

The Video Guide to adding a PowerApp into a Microsoft Team

You can watch the full demonstration video on YouTube of how to achieve this by clicking on the image below.
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PowerApps in Microsoft Teams

Why add a PowerApp into a Microsoft Team?

In our example we are replacing an Incident Reporting paper-based process with a Power App. Then sharing with our team to make it easy for any Team member to be able to raise an incident report.

This same process could be used to create any number of Microsoft Canvas PowerApps to replace legacy processes thus improving overall efficiency within your team.

You might wish to replace an old spreadsheet that is tracking holiday requests or perhaps your have a clunky shift rota that needs modernizing.

How to add a PowerApp into a Microsoft Team as a Tab

Once you have created your Canvas PowerApp and given the relevant members of your Team access you should consider how these users of the application will want to access it on a day-to-day basis.

They could access the PowerApp via a hyperlink that you have emailed to them or placed on your SharePoint intranet. They could also choose to access the application via the PowerApps mobile app on their phones or tablets.

However, keeping with Microsoft’s approach of using Microsoft Teams as a “One Stop Shop” for your team to be able to access all of the resources they require for their job, adding an additional tab within your Microsoft Team for your PowerApp makes the most sense.

Once you have your PowerApp is embedded into your Microsoft Team as a tab, it will make it even quicker and simpler for your team members to be able to access and submit information.

Teams PowerApp

Video Series for PowerApps Processes

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Replacing a Paper Process with PowerApps

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