Top 10 Tutorial Examples in 2023 for PowerApps

As the UK Microsoft partners for PowerApps we demonstrated some examples of Canvas PowerApps to give you ideas of what mobile-friendly applications can be created. The PowerApps examples combine bespoke solutions and applications that any organisation or business could use to streamline day-to-day operations.

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    Watch a Live Demo of PowerApps Examples

    To watch a live demonstration of Top 10 Examples of PowerApps tune in to our video.

    PowerApps Examples

    Below are some of the PowerApps that are demonstrated in our video. These PowerApps could be used by any organization or business to improve efficiency. See our video for full details.

    1. Leave Request

    Our Leave Request PowerApp is so much more than just a holiday booking system. It will also track other types of leave including: Time off in lieu, Sickness, Authorised absence and more.

    The system used SharePoint Online to store data to enable the PowerApp to keep track of an employee’s entitlement balances and statues of requests.

    The application is bursting with additional and optional features like enforcing Christmas shutdowns, approvals via a button in an email, holiday calendar, preventing too many people booking leave on the same day and more.

    Leave Request System

    2. Employee Directory

    This PowerApp has been given multiple names to describe its function such as “People Directory” or “Phonebook” but essentially its purpose is to allow employees to find each other’s contact information.

    It is built with a gallery of items that are pulled directly from the Azure AD user profiles. It will then display the employees profile picture (that can be updated in Delve) along with email address and phone numbers.

    Employee Directory Software

    3. Expense Request

    This mobile phone friendly business application will allow your employees to submit their expense requests with ease.

    The PowerApp will collect multiple receipts of purchases against a single expense claim sheet.

    Once submitted this application will automate notification requests to the employee’s manager and or finance team for approval. The employee can track the approval process and will receive notifications at each step of the process.

    Expense Request Software

    Other PowerApps Examples

    The three above PowerApps are just some of the examples demonstrated. Our video also includes demonstrations of the following:

    Barcode Scanner – The ability to scan a bar code to automate a task such as checking out a piece of equipment or combined with geolocation tracking can prove an employee was at a certain location and a specific time.

    Accident Logbook – If you have a dusty incident logbook in your workplace that requires manually writing out a paper form, why not replace this process with a digital form accessible on a tablet.

    Time Sheets – Replace product license costs for third party software that is tracking employee timesheets with a Canvas PowerApp. Then export that data for project metric reports.

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