Partner with us and develop a successful & profitable IT cloud business

Valto specialise in providing cloud technologies including Office365, SharePoint & Azure. Partnering with Valto provides the following key advantages,

  • 20% to 30% additional services from your existing and new clients.
  • Using specialists means you’re clients are always getting the best experience when deploying technologies.
  • If you aren’t offering cloud services you risk the chance of competitors taking business from you.

Valto can provide a range of services for your organisation including,

  • White label consultancy – Leverage our experts as members of your own team.
  • Strengthen & Develop internal resources – Train your team members to become experts in the cloud.
  • Direct Partner referrals – Refer business directly to Valto for a generous referral fee.

Valto works to create a partnership that’s profitable for both parties in terms that work best for your business.

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