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Microsoft Azure Backup IT Services

Our team of Azure experts can assist with your project.

  • Secure

    All data is encrypted while migrating to the cloud and once it’s in Azures data centres. Once in Azure your backup is replicated across multiple data centres with 6 copies of the data stored in each. Valto can help you understand the cost vs your on premise solution and help you implement the solution.

  • Cost Effective

    Azure Backup works out much more cost effective than traditional tape solutions and ongoing licensing. Retention of your data can be much greater as well without worrying about total size of backup and purchasing more storage.

  • Flexible & Efficient

    Azure only sends incremental changes and has built in compression. If your requirements change then it’s simple to change your backup settings and increase or decrease the retention.

  • Reliable

    Azure Backup doesn’t rely on tapes being changed or hard drives being swapped over. It removes the risk of human error. Valto can enhance this further by providing an automated managed service to monitor the backup solution and resolve any issues if they arise.

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