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Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud Adoption Framework

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework is a proven set of guidance and narratives designed to help businesses accelerate their cloud adoption journey. At Valto, our team of Azure cloud architects has extensive experience in helping businesses develop a comprehensive cloud adoption strategy that aligns with their desired business outcomes.

Our approach to cloud adoption is centred around the Azure landing zones, which provide a framework for establishing a secure and compliant cloud environment. We work closely with businesses to develop a cloud adoption plan that covers all aspects of the cloud adoption lifecycle, from planning to governance and technical guidance.

Our adoption framework for Azure includes proven guidance, best practices, and tools to help businesses accelerate their cloud adoption effort. We can help you identify the right cloud native technologies to modernise your digital state using DevOps, as well as establish cloud governance to ensure compliance and security.

With Valto as your partner, you can trust that your cloud adoption journey will be guided by experienced cloud architects who understand the importance of developing a comprehensive and efficient cloud adoption strategy.