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Microsoft Azure – Cloud Automation Services

Automate tasks and services in Office365, SharePoint & Azure.

  • Full Microsoft Azure services

    At Valto, our team offers a complete, all-encompassing Azure programme that provides expert support, training and service across the entire platform. We automate a whole host of Azure services from migration and provisioning new environments from scratch, through to automating processes such as powering Virtual Machines on or off or creating new ones.

  • Integration across Office365 & SharePoint

    We will help you automate Azure and SharePoint using PnP (Pattern & Practices) tools to assist with enhancing processes that may typically be manual. This can include provisioning new sites from templates or automatically creating lists, items or documents. This integration and automation can be useful for creating SharePoint sites automatically linked with a CRM, an essential tool for business.

  • Microsoft experts

    Valto is an official UK Microsoft partner – double gold certified. We’re experts in the entire Microsoft suite, and specialists in automating processes; whether they be forms, manual processes or workflows that need building. Our automation experts can look over your requirements and help streamline your organisation, integrate internal comms with external processes and more.

  • Cloud automation made simple

    Use Azure Automation and related cloud services to streamline your business processes. API Management, tools like Logic Apps, managing Azure resources and integrating with other Microsoft products and services (as well as external and third party cloud apps) is easy. Use cloud automation for runbooks, workflows and more.

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