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For a lot of businesses, reducing infrastructure costs is one of the main factors in a cloud migration.  Using the public cloud allows a business to avoid many of the expenses of a traditional data centre such as power, maintenance, and acquisition of hardware.  With a Microsoft cloud subscription, the various components of the price are included in the single Azure cost.

However, what often happens is that once a business moves to the cloud, they find that their monthly subscription rises over time.  The increase in costs can be significant, and it’s incumbent on the IT strategy team to identify what the cause of the rising costs of Azure are, and how to address them

What Are You Paying For?

Azure is charged on a consumption basis.  You pay for the types of virtual machine that you have specified and for the amount of time that you use them for.  A typical deployment may include many different VMs performing distinct functions, and these may be running for different times depending on the demand.

What isn’t always clear in your Azure billing is exactly what makes up the price – what has changed since the previous month or how many instances you have.

Why is Your Azure Cost Rising?

There are two main reasons why your costs for Azure rise.

The first is somewhat out of your control.  Exchange rate changes can have a substantial impact on your bills.  Microsoft, and other cloud providers will vary costs around the world so that there’s very little room to save money by billing through a different territory.  If the currency rates change, the chances are that your bill will go up to reflect it.

The second reason is that you might be using Azure more.  Deploying new machines is straightforward, and not all businesses have full oversight into what’s being used.  Your development team might need to add a machine for testing, or change the spec that’s being used for a function.  You might have more staff working and accessing data than in the past.  Natural growth in the amount of data you have stored can be a cost factor – your IT team may need to add extra hard drives or database servers to cope with demand.

A regular audit of what your subscription includes and what you need to function is important, and speaking to a qualified Azure consultant who can analyse the data that you have can pay for itself quite quickly thanks to a reduction in Azure cost that can be quite significant.

Are You Turning Things Off?

One of the biggest advantages of Azure is that you only pay for what you use.  If you manage your IaaS correctly, you can see significant cost savings.  You can reduce the spec of a VM overnight or turn it off if you don’t need it.  You can reduce the amount of hard drive space that you pay for if it’s not being filled.

Properly auditing your usage is essential.  Contact Valto today and one of our consultants will talk you through your options.  The chances are that we can help you reduce your Azure costs.  Call us now on 03335 779 009 to find out how much!

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