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With Azure, you benefit from a scalable computing resource which enables application hosting in a way that can reduce infrastructure costs, increase stability, and improve flexibility.

If your staff work in a flexible way and need to access information from multiple locations but still need to access applications when they need them, Azure lets you deliver those applications without the need to maintain legacy infrastructure.

Making Application Hosting Simpler

Rather than the traditional model of needing multiple physical servers to handle the different elements of the software, the cloud allows you to virtualise and configure machines quickly. This means that lead time for equipment delivery is no longer a factor and you can scale faster.

On top of the basic servers to run applications like SharePoint, the costs of additional equipment for back-ups can become expensive to acquire, maintain, and power, not to mention inflexible.

Compared to this, IaaS is fast to deploy and can bring major cost savings thanks to Pay As You Go pricing, and no maintenance costs.

Application Management in Azure

When hosting applications in Azure, your infrastructure and deployment is managed through a single dashboard. It’s possible to provision new Machines quickly, which allows you to create test environments where updates and patches can be tested quickly.

Custom Development to Run Applications in the Cloud

In most cases, if an application can be run on a physical server, it’s possible to create a virtual environment in Azure that can replicate the original version. This usually precludes the need to add layers of custom development – although you may need to carry out some configuration work to handle data storage or user management.

Azure includes the Microsoft RemoteApp Platform which lets you migrate existing applications painlessly and can be used by your internal team to manage user access and monitor application performance.

As part of our managed Azure service, Valto will work with you to build an effective cloud strategy that includes full systems architecture planning and the creation of infrastructure for most popular applications including SharePoint, as well as custom deployments tailored to any bespoke applications that your business relies on.

Expert Support

A major challenge for businesses as they migrate to Azure is ensuring that the correct skills are available to manage your environment to ensure best performance. This is where Valto can help – our team have multiple years’ experience of optimising Azure to host multiple applications and websites while increasing reliability and reducing costs.

For more information, call us on 03335 779 009 and we can start to discuss your requirements.