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Moving to the Cloud

Things to think about to help you make your cloud migration a success

Still not sure what the cloud is? Whether it is something as small as document storage to something bigger such as application hosting the cloud has been allowing businesses more flexibility in their processes. The 2016 State of the Cloud Study by Right Scale showed that 95% of businesses surveyed have adopted cloud usage in a variety of ways to suit their business needs.

The high numbers of adoption to cloud services has been credited to changes in the industry, such as the reduced cost of SaaS, the dominant model for business software, and the release of Microsoft Azure which integrates well with other Microsoft products which are used in most offices across the world.

Whether your business is taking the first steps into a cloud infrastructure or you’re considering a change to the Azure cloud, there are several things that you need to consider to get a successful outcome.

Where is your data stored?

Global data centres ensure that as a business you can utilise the cloud as an unlimited computer resource that is both resilient and reliable. As some businesses are required to keep data in the UK, Microsoft Azure operate a UK data centre, which was completed in 2016, to meet these needs. However, for those that want the reliability of a global network but require some data stored in the UK, there is also the option of a hybrid solution which, through Azure Stack, allows you to manage your infrastructure exactly how you would through Microsoft’s own platform. This option is a popular solution as it offers businesses the flexibility to operate in their own unique way.

What is your budget?

Cloud services aren’t free but are most often cheaper than traditional infrastructure. Like other cloud providers, Azure essentially offers you a virtual infrastructure for which you pay for virtual machines to store and host your applications and documents. While using the cloud can cut costs, it is by no means a free solution. At Valto, we can optimise your cloud solution through careful monitoring of resource use.  Over time we build a picture of your full requirements and this helps reduce Azure Costs in the long run.

What Service and Support Do You Need?

In-house IT technicians are great for physical infrastructure, however as we have discovered a lot of teams usually lack the skill set to optimise cloud efficiency. As you begin to rely more on cloud services you will need to ensure that you work with a team of professionals who are specialist in your chosen platform – whether this is Azure, AWS, or a smaller provider.

How Will You Manage Identity?

Cloud services, in principle offer the opportunity for streaming access to applications using a single sign-on. Active Directory, Microsoft’s Identity Federation solution works across most productivity software and provides a more straightforward way of managing identity and simplifying user control for IT staff.

What Security Do You Need?

Just like a physical server, you will require both malware and anti-virus software running on your virtual machines to protect against any unwanted access. However, another concern is the data itself and the security of knowing your data is safe with your cloud provider. Imagine, a system failure in a data centre, this could mean that the performance is severely hampered or worse that your data is lost. Microsoft, ensure that this doesn’t happen by utilising their various data centres and ensure that they have multiple copies of your files which are synced together. This ensures that even if there was a system failure within a data centre, your data and the performance of the cloud services would be preserved to ensure a minimal impact for your operations.

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Next Steps

If you’d like to find out more about migrating to the cloud, and how Valto can work with you to create a full IT Strategy, please get in touch or leave a comment below.

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