Streamline Your Operational Management Needs

Operations Management Suite

OMS is a cloud-based management solution that enables you to manage and protect your hybrid cloud environment. It combines several Azure services, including Azure Site Recovery and Log Analytics, to provide you with comprehensive monitoring, automation, and log data management capabilities. With OMS solutions, you can gain insights into your virtual machines, data centres, and cloud-based infrastructure, and troubleshoot issues before they become problems. Log search and log data management features enable you to collect and analyse data from various sources. In this guide, we’ll explore the various OMS features and how they can help you manage your hybrid cloud environment.

What is Operations Management Suite?

Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a powerful tool that brings together four different Azure services: Backup, Site Recovery, Log Analytics, and Automation. It is widely used in managed Azure consulting services because of its user-friendly features such as quick deployment, cloud scaling, automatic updates, and an intuitive interface. OMS also provides pre-built management solutions that simplify specific tasks, such as update management, and accelerate workflows. It is available in four packages that can be purchased individually or bundled together: Insights & Analytics, Automation & Control, Security & Compliance, and Protection & Recovery.