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Microsoft Azure Optimisation & Cost Saving

Microsoft Azure cost saving & optimisation with our 3-step plan

  • Valto analyse your environment to identify

    Billing Breakdown – Identify where the most money is being spent over the past 6 months.

    Infrastructure Overview – Analysis of current usage and identification of resource optimisation.

    Recommendations – Our followup report provides recommendations for cost savings.

  • Implementation of the recommendations

    Recommendations can be completed by internal staff or by Valto.

    Optimise Virtual Machine Sizes including Auto Scaling and Powering.

    Consolidation of services such as Azure SQL and VMs.

    Ensuring optimal services are being utilised such as Backups & Site Recovery.

  • Save Costs and Scalable Growth

    Typically companies can save 25% of their existing costs and even up to 60% in some circumstances.

    Build a scalable Azure environment where costs are under control and sustainable.

    Our health check will give confidence your environment is using the optimal resources.

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