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Get Microsoft Teams Consultancy Services, delivered by official UK Microsoft experts

The way we work has changed. Gone are the days of the office being the only hub for you and your colleagues – nowadays we’re turning more and more to remote work. Working from home (or the café, on the road, anywhere) has become a normal part of our every day now, so businesses need to react – and fast.

With our Microsoft Teams consulting services, you’ll be able to equip your team with the tools needed to carry on working from anywhere. Take collaboration and communication to the next level by implementing this state of the art tool, working with our Microsoft-accredited team to ensure the easiest possible journey.

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What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is the fastest growing platform in Microsoft’s history – demonstrating just how much the world of work and information technology has changed. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool, now used by workplaces and businesses the world over for keeping their colleagues connected.

It functions as a central document hub, communication platform and project management system that can bridge location gaps to provide streamlined connectivity. Incorporating file sharing, document editing, instant messaging, video conferencing, meeting management, app platforms and more, Teams works with you.

Within Teams, you’ll be able to have individual chats with other members of your company, as well as create channels to house documents, threaded conversations and files for entire teams or divisions. Teams is also able to be fully integrated with Office 365 platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.