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Microsoft Viva Learning – UK Services

  • Employee experience platform

    Microsoft Viva is designed to bring your team together and provide them with wellness, expertise, learning and knowledge tools to boost engagement. Viva links with tools such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to provide an all-in-one system.

  • Discover, share and train

    With Microsoft Viva Learning, you and your team can discover, share and engage with creative learning content throughout the work day. Learn from content libraries, learning management systems like LinkedIn Learning and more.

  • Learning in Microsoft Teams

    Viva Learning is designed to allow learning and training without interrupting the flow of work. Complete learning in Microsoft teams, chat with colleagues and explore a range of content providers and learning management systems all in one central learning tab hub.

  • Expert Microsoft support

    At Valto, we specialise in setting up Microsoft Viva for businesses. We can implement and install Viva Learning, provide insights and tips on how to get the best out of it, and more. Get in touch with our team for a tailor-made quote and package to help your business boost employee experiences.

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