Microsoft 365 Tools you didn’t know you had!

Valto hosted an enlightenment hour webinar aimed at providing non-profits, charities and SMBs with the knowledge of all Microsoft 365 tools they already have but might not be aware of.

Perhaps your organisation is already using Microsoft 365 for emails or using Microsoft Teams to enable remote working.

However, there is likely a number of products in Microsoft 365 you have not yet heard of that could be improving efficiency, digitally transforming processes, or even saving you money by providing functionality you currently have to pay for from a third-party application.

Microsoft 365 Outlook being used as an email and calendar tool


Outlook combines your email and calendar together in one place. The built-in calendar also allows you to easily schedule meetings with colleagues and enables you to quickly check their availability by comparing their calendar to yours. Additionally, Outlook enables the integration of other Office apps, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Teams, which makes collaboration seamless. This Microsoft 365 tool also makes it easy to stay on top of your day with the Microsoft To Do feature, enabling you to prioritise your daily tasks.

Furthermore, Outlook is available as a mobile app, making accessing your mail and calendar on the go simple. Outlook is protected by enterprise-grade security and provides data encryption in your mailbox after an email is sent to help protect your data. Unsafe links that contain phishing scams, viruses, or malware are automatically deactivated with Outlook Premium.

Microsoft OneDrive is being used as a storage tool


OneDrive Personal Cloud Storage allows you to access, edit and share your files and photos on all your devices, wherever you are. When saving your files and images to OneDrive this ensures that they are backed up and protected, which means that even if you lose your devices, none of your files or images will be lost. This also means that you can access all your One Drive files across all your devices without taking up any storage space.

Enjoy up to 1TB of cloud storage with OneDrive, as well as document sharing abilities and ransomware recovery. OneDrive makes file sharing easy without the need for large email attachments, and instead you can share a direct link via email or text to share files, images, and folders.



Microsoft OneNote acts as a digital notebook. You can also divide your notes into sections and pages to stay organised and search for your notes using the search tool so that you are able to easily find what you are looking for. The OneNote app is available to download on all your devices, making your notes accessible wherever you go. OneNote has highlighting, typing, and ink annotation features available to suit your individual notetaking needs.

You can also integrate audio notes, online videos and add files to your notes. The To-Do tags feature on OneNote also help with highlighting any important notes so they do not get forgotten. Sharing and collaborating is also simple in OneNote. You can either share a copy of a page of notes or send a link to the notes you want to share, which will also allow anyone with the link to edit them.

microsoft 365 SharePoint is being used as a customisable hub tool


SharePoint creates a customizable hub for every project, team department and division. This allows files, data, news, apps, and resources to be easily shared throughout organisations. SharePoint is available on any device, making collaboration inside and outside your organisation simple and easy.

SharePoint allows you to keep up to date with your company with targeted news, common resources and application sharing across the home site and portals. Additionally, it enables you to accelerate employee productivity by transforming processes, from simple tasks such as notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows.

microsoft 365 power automate being used as an automated process tool

Power Automate

The Microsoft 365 Power Automate tool allows you to build automated processes with flows. This can be done by using low-code, drag-and-drop tools, and hundreds of prebuilt connectors. This makes repetitive and mundane tasks automated. SharePoint allows you to not only fully automate your work but also allows the customisation of automations to suit you and your business needs. You can also integrate Power Automate with Microsoft Teams making the collaboration of processes simple.

power automate

Power Apps

Power Apps allow the creation of apps, workflows, and custom forms in order to streamline processes. Power Apps enable the rapid development of apps for use across all devices and in Microsoft Teams. These custom business apps connect your organisations work and data across all platforms and saves your organisation time and money. Power Apps also enables users to build custom apps without having to write code.


Forms allow you to collect the data needed in order to run and grow your business. They can be used for anything from customer satisfaction to employee feedback. Integration with other apps within Forms is available. This makes sharing the Forms and collaborating across groups simple. Multilingual support is another feature of Forms, which enables inclusivity and makes sure everyone’s opinions are heard and recorded.

Once data is collected with Forms, you can easily turn it into real-time charts and automatically generated reports. This data is also easy to export into apps such as excel, making in-depth analysis easier. Microsoft Forms is also accessible from any device and on any browser.

Microsoft 365 delve is being used as a 365 profile management tool


Microsoft Delve can be used to manage your Microsoft 365 profile. Delve is tailored specifically to you and provides you with content and insights you would be most interested in. It never changes any permissions automatically, so people can only see the specific information that they already have access to. Delve saves you time by proactively surfacing content from across all Office 365 apps into a single app, reducing the need to move between different apps for relevant information.

It also allows you to click on employees’ profiles and see what they are working on or learn more about them. Furthermore, if you find any documents you are interested in you can either add it to your favourites or a board, which makes it easy to find and keep track of.

Microsoft 365 planner being used as an organisation tool


Microsoft Planner allows the organisation of teamwork alongside intuitive, collaborative, visual task management. The Planner is made up of content-rich task cards that contain information such as due dates, labels, and files. This saves time searching for individual tasks. Planner automatically visualises the status of tasks into charts which allows you to keep track of progress.

Planner can connect with the other Microsoft 365 apps such as To Do, SharePoint, and Power Automate for more efficient task management. The task app from Planner is a feature that is available in Microsoft Teams, and this combines all your Planner and To Do tasks, which also allows for easy collaboration and task management.



Microsoft Stream enables you to deliver live and on-demand events with Microsoft 365. It also allows you to share and watch videos from across your organisation in the Stream app or in other applications. Stream makes connecting and educating with various audiences simple using video to share knowledge and promote communication across your company.

Microsoft Stream also allows the sharing of company training videos or team meetings recordings, which enables everyone to contribute with peer-to-peer sharing and increases knowledge retention and engagement.

Microsoft 365 lists being used as an information tracker tool


Lists make it easy to track all your information and organise your work. There are many ready-made templates available to use to get started. Microsoft Lists are available within Microsoft Teams to enable easy collaboration in real-time. Rules, reminders, and comments are features within Lists and these make it easy to track what matters within your team on collaborative projects.

Lists are completely customisable for whatever your company needs. You can also choose to see your lists in any way you decide, either using calendar, grid, gallery, or a custom view. Lists also enable easy tracking of any issues, with the ability to set priorities and track the progress with the status column. Employees will also get notifications when issues get assigned to them. Lists is also helpful when organising events, managing new employee onboarding, and tracking assets.

Microsoft 365 bookings being used as an appointment tool


Bookings help to simplify scheduling to save time. It enables the customisation of appointment details, booking requirements, and allows you to specify the service providers to streamline the booking experience for you and your customers. Booking is integrated with your Office 365 or Microsoft 365 calendar, and therefore automatically helps your customers or clients to find available times and avoids the ability to double-book.

Bookings are also able to connect with Microsoft Teams as online meetings. When an online appointment is made, it will create a meeting link that everyone can join virtually through Teams from wherever they are. Additionally, Bookings is available as an app within Teams, so you can create calendars, assign staff members, and schedule appointments all within the Microsoft Teams app. Customers and clients can also reschedule and cancel appointments themselves, and it is easy to track all these changes within the app. Read more about all Microsoft 365 products on the Microsoft website here.


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